St. Patrick’s Day Is Fast Approaching!!

Did you catch your leprechaun yet?? Legend says if you catch a leprechaun he has to tell you where his pot of gold is!!!
Lots of fun and entertainment!!! Leprechaunie is a tiny leprechaun for your iphone that drifts around on its green hill filled with shamrocks and entertains you with some great fiddle melodies! Shake the device left and right to make a rainbow appear, or front and back to make a pot o’ gold grow! The sky above the leprechaun changes according to the time of the day, or you can swipe through to change it. Leprechaunie loves to laugh and make noises when you tap him. If you’re super lucky, he will stand on his head! Pressing the shamrock button will change the view to a “Happy St. Patrick’s Day” sign, a great way to spread holiday cheer. On the Info screen you are able to customize the time interval for the fiddle melodies, as well as see some tips and how to contact us.
With Leprechaunie, you finally captured your own leprechaun– Hopefully you’ll find a pot of gold!

You can get Leprechaunie from iTunes by clicking this link!